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These last few days I’ve been changing my equipment. Specifically, I have bought a Dell laptop with an i5 processor. I have told a little about my experience buying it and I have received some comments and some email asking for advice, because of this I decided to write this article in which I will tell my experience with the different computers I have had, I will also make a number of recommendations regarding the equipment that a user needs when considering buying a PC and talk about brands of laptops according to the equipment I have had.

Before I start I would like to say something, this is not a guide, just my experience and is what I advise everyone who asks me what computer to buy, but I want to emphasize that it is only my opinion, nothing more.

The first thing you have to think about when buying a computer is what we are going to use it for. To know what type of user you are I will list 4 groups or types of user possible:

Users without computer knowledge and who only want a computer to do simple tasks such as surfing the Internet, using Facebook, downloading movies and music, viewing photos and sending emails. There are more simple tasks, I’m not going to describe them all, but if you do not know much about computers and you are not interested in knowing, surely belong to this group,

The next group is the users who use the computer as a gaming platform and like to use the latest games on the market.

This group brings together all those users who know about computers and also like to learn more every day. They like or love things like programming, web design, operating systems and messing with computers in general.

The last group is that of the professionals, in 95% of the cases those users will not need to read this article because they know perfectly what they need.

This grouping that I have done is very general and there are users who can belong to more than one of these groups but to me, it is useful to know the computer that a person may need so that they do not spend more money than necessary, and more in these times.

If you belong to group 1 my recommendation is a laptop with a dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and about 500 GB of hard drive. You can buy a better computer, but it is a waste of money because doing the tasks I have described above will waste the features or resources of the computer. Perhaps it could be convenient to put 4 Gb of RAM, but you can buy it with 2 and then expand it if necessary. Computers of this type are many and can be purchased for about 150 euros second hand. I will go into more details about the brands, but from experience, the two best are Dell and Lenovo and one of the worst HP. If you consider buying a second-hand computer you have to look at the sales of the seller, the opinions of users who have bought products and if the seller offers a warranty. Also, the issue of the battery is good for a matter of independence, the computer may have, but in Aliexpress can be bought for about 25 or 30 euros and last about 4 hours, I say from experience, as I have bought several times on that page.

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